Children and dentistry

Every child is a world in itself, so every child requires a different approach than the previous one.

First dental appointment:

– It is advisable for the dentist and the parent to meet at the office before the child is brought to the dentist, so that the parent can obtain written or verbal instructions about the child’s preparation for the first dental appointment.

– Conversations with children about dentists and their procedures are advisable from an early age (not because we are important, but the health of your child).

– Parents and relatives should not talk in front of a child about their negative experiences and fears of some dental procedures. Parents should explain to their child where they are going and briefly describe the dental office.

– You should not in any case tell the child that nothing is going to happen, or that you will not let the dentist do anything to him/her.

You can also make an appointment at Dr Jaser Badawi during which nothing is done on a dental chair. The child experiences the new surroundings for the first time and meets the dentist who will work with him/her in the next appointed visit. During this visit, the older companion is examined by the dentist so that a child understands that it is not a big deal.

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