What is an orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment involves wearing orthodontic appliances (braces for the correcting of teeth), which can be mobile or fixed.

In some patients, it is necessary to remove some teeth, and very rarely, jaw surgery is needed to correct the present anomaly.

Why is orthodontic treatment necessary?

There are three main reasons why someone would choose orthodontic treatment:

  • to correct appearance, i.e. the position of the teeth
  • to correct the function of the teeth, i.e. to bring teeth into better mutual contact with each other and thus improve nutrition and speech
  • to correct the health of teeth and gums. If the teeth are too tight, it is difficult to brush the teeth, and sometimes impossible in some areas. This leads to tooth decay, gum inflammation and bones withdrawal

What can you expect at the first examination?

On your first visit, the orthodontist will perform the examination, when you get the information indicative of the type of therapy that is proposed, and the cost of treatment. This visit enables familiarizing the doctor with the patient and vice versa, collecting patient data and understanding the patient’s desires and exploring the possibilities of therapy.

If, after consultation, you decide to start your treatment, it is necessary to collect detailed information which are necessary for the diagnosis of the problem and making a treatment plan. The treatment plan is achieved by examination, taking dental impressions, making X-ray images and photographs.

What follows then?

After analysis, there are four possible outcomes:

  1. It is still too early to undertake orthodontic treatment. In this case, it is necessary to visit the orthodontist again after a specified time.
  2. The health of your teeth is not satisfactory. It may be due to insufficient brushing of teeth or tooth decay. After correction of all defects in the teeth and removed calculus, orthodontic treatment can start.
  3. Orthodontic treatment is not necessary because the position of your teeth is satisfactory.
  4. Orthodontic treatment is required and you need to decide when to start.

What does an orthodontist explain before treatment?

  • Different treatment options and which one is the best for your situation
  • Pro and con facts of treatment
  • Expected duration of treatment
  • What is expected of you so that your treatment is successful
  • When you can expect to start treatment.

At this point, you need to ask any questions that still interest you, and that have not been answered yet. If you accept the proposed plan of treatment, the orthodontist will ask you to sign a consent for treatment.

When does treatment begin?

It depends on the following conditions:

  • How many permanent teeth need to appear. Many types of treatment are postponed until all the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth
  • Problems related to the maintenance of dental hygiene or dental damage may delay the start of treatment
  • Degree of urgency in your particular case. For example, some bite irregularities are most successfully treated during the pubertal growth spurt. Unlike them, other types of treatment should be delayed until the cessation of facial growth is almost complete.

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